Friday, April 8, 2011

Steampunk photo shoot!

"Bring Your Camera!" If you're going to go to STEAMFest, you're probably going to be wearing your best antiquated expressions of Victorian fashion. You're going to the Festival to get transported to another fantastical time that never quite existed. You may as well get some snaps to send to the folks at home.

Using the Harryhousian approved process of "rear projection" we will project a scene onto a screen behind you and from there you can pose for a friend or a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot representative with a camera that can shoot you in your attire atop a blimp, inside a fiery inferno, or exchanging blows with an automaton.

Bring an image file or a great idea that we can look up and we'll put you in that scene.

SteamFest 2011 at 4:30PM in the Classroom

Wilco Tango Foxtrot, as already mentioned, will also be presenting Journey to the Center of the Earth!
This year at STEAMFest, those droll chaps from "The Game Is Afoot" will be mocking, callbacking,and generally steampunking the 1959 
steampunk classic, Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth." 
Join them for a campy, yet watchable film where James Mason undertakes  the daunting task of reaching the center of the Earth while Pat Boone  undertakes the more difficult task of trying to come off Scottish. Put  on your goggles and load up on smarm and join us at 8:00 at the Academy  Theater in Avondale Estates.
All the fun and excitement begins tomorrow so be sure to arrive in time to get your tickets 
before all the fun begins 4:00!

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