Thursday, April 29, 2010

STEAM Fest at AnachroCon!


We are gearing up for a great time at AnachroCon this weekend! There will be lots of great workshops, panels, vendors and more! Come visit and get your passes this weekend! We have limited space!

Also want to let you know that we have a new band to our line up! Check them out!

Karma Lingo!
(Click on the picture for details!)

"Veterans of the Atlanta music scene since 1995, Karma Lingo specializes in what we call the "New Classic Rock," characterized by driving, direct songwriting, economical and inventive instrumental arrangements, and elaborate vocal harmonies. Four men and three women, everybody plays, everybody sings, and everybody writes. Our songs are contemporary with current, relevant lyrics, but we play rock and roll like it hasn't been played in 2-3 decades, featuring a big sound, melodies you can actually sing, and a rare mix of subtlety and aggression, dynamics and drama, all delivered with emotion, imagination, and total commitment."

You might recognize some of them from the local Renaissance Faire as members of The Lost Boys and Three Quarter Ale. They will be playing both Saturday and Sunday!