Thursday, December 9, 2010

More to Report


I hope you are all having a marvelous Season. I have been busy with preparations both from Christmas and our exciting lineup of Steampunk festivities, but sadly at this time of year I am missing my family most sincerely. I hope my brother will find some way to make contact with me shortly. I have great faith in him and know he will prevail.
It is nearly time for our Midwinter Fling and would like to inform you that we only have 10 slots left for our Steampunk Writer's Slam so you had best hurry and reserve your spot! You will have 7 minutes to present your best Steampunk poetry or prose to the audience and judges--but if you go over time you will be gonged off the stage. It's all very exciting!
Additionally, I have some information to report about one of the fabulous musical performers who will be joining us at the Fling. The Vauxhall Garden Variety Players are fantastic actors and a stringed sextet who specialize in modern reinterpretations of Victorian music. I must say, from experience they are quite extraordinary. They have performed at such prestigious venues as Anachrocon, SCAD, Frolicon, and will be returning to our own STEAMfest.
Don't forget to send in your plays for our contest!

Wish you well,
Caroline Francesca DeFontaine
9th of December, 2010