Friday, October 15, 2010

In the Meantime...

While waiting for the fun theatrical hijinks that is STEAM Fest there are a lot of other great steampunk events happening around town! Currently going on at The Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville is a great show, Jekyll and Hyde by Jeffrey Sweet with great steampunk flairs to it. The acting is superb, the set and costume designs brilliant, and the action will keep you on the edge of your seat. Steampunk attire is welcome at the show! Runs through Halloween night! for more information!

Another great event is The Extraordinary Contraptions playing with Bitter Ruin at The Shelter next Tuesday October 19th! Go check out their page for details and come join us with some time traveling rockin' out! Please get your tickets sooner rather than later as space is limited!

November 6th The Artifice Club Presents, The Mechanical Masquerade at The Academy Theatre. Tickets are 15$ at the door and 10$ if properly masqueradedly attired! Lots of fun will be had! for more details!

Last but certainly not least is the AnachroCrawl: The First Annual AnachroCon Pub Crawl!! October 23rd!

First Entry in What Promises to be a "Web Log" Full of Thrilling Details

13th of October, 2010

My name is Caroline and I have been charged with the singular responsibility of reporting information about the Academy Theatre’s STEAM Fest which will take place April ninth and tenth of the coming year, as well as the Midwinter Fling on this coming January ninth. I have heard, and now believe, that both are simply the most anticipated events of the season and I do hope you will all attend.
I must, however, before I go on, tell you something about myself, for I feel that my experiences leading up to this “web log” entry are quite extraordinary. It was only a month ago that I arrived in this modern and industrious year. My brother and I had only just completed a time machine and we intended to travel into the future. However, on the test run, which by all accounts should not have worked, I was transported here alone. You must know that I was astounded and appreciative to see the reverence you “futures” have for my home time. God willing, my brother Peter will have the time machine up and running in time for STEAM Fest so that he too may join us there.
Oh, I must mention some of the exciting events that await you at the Midwinter Fling! The main event will be a Writing Slam which, I have recently learned, is an impromptu presentation of literary works of your own creation. There will be thirteen slots, and the time limit is seven minutes. In addition, there will be musicians playing in true 19th Century style, a short play, a dance troupe, a Steampunk costume contest, and many more diverting activities.
SteamFest is only six short months away, and the Midwinter Fling only three months away, so each week I will be updating you on information regarding the performances, presentations, and events of the Festival in hopes that you will join us.

With Devotion,

Caroline Francesca DeFontaine