Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good News for All

New Year's Greetings,

I hope you are all well and not too tired out from New Year's celebrations to join us for the Midwinter Fling. It is only four short days away! I have a few last moment announcements to make in regards to the Fling: Sadly, the Thimblerig Circus will no longer be joining us, but instead we will have the talented Jennifer Teeter: Ukelele playing singer-songwriter! We will the the fantastic art of Jason Thomas, and the possibility of a Victorian wrestling match.

I also have some exciting news of a personal nature: At last, after all these weeks of waiting, my brother has finally repaired the time machine! He will be able to come for me within a couple of days, then the two of us will embark on a tour of Europe before heading home. I look forward to seeing him again and introducing him to all the wonders of 2011.

Enjoy the Midwinter Fling, one and all,

Caroline Francesca DeFontaine
4th of January, 2011

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