Thursday, October 21, 2010

Writing Contest

19th of October, 2010
Greetings Friends,
I hope this correspondence finds you well. I have been very busy this week putting together more details of STEAM Fest and I am pleased to announce that there will be a writing contest which all of you may enter. You may submit ten-page plays that will then be produced as stage readings at STEAM Fest!

Now, I must briefly tell you of the rules:
Firstly, because STEAM Fest is a theatre festival celebrating the alternate history and inventive science fiction of steampunk in both literary and visual aspects we do ask that all works be related thematically in some way. Here are some helpful websites that can inspire you. I have been introduced to Wikipedia and found that it is a wonderful starting point for research: This page provides introductory information and an overview of how the genre of steampunk came to be. I found it most enlightening. Another page which can provide you with interesting links and hints is: . And finally here is a list of common steampunk themes that can help you get started on a brilliant plot:

Don’t be discouraged if you have never heard of or worked with the steampunk genre, it is so much fun to learn about and because it has such a vast array of sub-genres there’s something for everyone. If you have any questions regarding content please email

Each work must be no longer than 10 pages [not including the title page]. Anything longer will automatically be disqualified.

Entrant may send up to 3 works. Accompanying each work will be a Title page which includes the following information:

Title of Work

Full Name
Mailing Address
Email Address
Phone Number

Paragraph Synopsis

Please mail hardcopy manuscripts to:

Lainey Welsch
536 Partin Road
Cleveland, GA 30528

Electronic copies will not be accepted.
If sending more than one work, please use one envelope.

All scripts must be postmarked no later than December 1st, 2010. The winners will be announced by December15th and a staged reading of the winners will be performed April 9th-10th as part of The Academy Theatre's Third Annual STEAM Fest.

For any questions regarding the contest please email

I do hope you will enter because it will be every so much fun, and imagine, you will get to see your play performed onstage!
At the moment, I have little to report on my brother. Sadly, my communicator was broken when I arrived here, but I hope to have it fixed soon. I wonder if it will work across time? I should greatly love to share my adventures with Peter. I will have more to report to you next week, until then, I must go and continue my repairs on my communicator.

Congenially Yours,

Caroline Francesca DeFontaine

PS-- Please join the Academy Theatre for the Performance of Emerald Rose on October 3oth!

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