Thursday, June 17, 2010


Please check times as some things have been shifted slightly! We don't want you to miss anything!

Also remember you can follow the link on this page and go ahead and order your tickets online! Passes are selling like hotcakes!

Comprehensive Schedule for STEAM Fest SATURDAY June 19th

8am Building opens for vendors/artists/staff


10am Festival opens!


11am Artist and Vendor's Room opens! [Dance Studio]

Writer's Discussion: H.G. Wells [Main Theatre]

11:30 Screening of Glass Fleet by Funimation [Classroom]

12pm Wonders of the Mind with Nick Compise [Main Theatre]

Vauxhall Garden Variety Players [Porch/Lobby]

Steampunk Makeup and Costuming Demonstration [Classroom]


1pm Games Afoot: The Phantom Chippendale [Main Theatre]


2pm The Complete Cant Primer Workshop [Classroom]

The Extraordinary Contraptions [Porch/Lobby]

2:30 Thimblerig! [Main Theatre]


3:30 Steampunk Literary Discussion [Classroom]

Nick of Time [Main Theatre]


4:30 Industriously Yours [Main Theatre]

5pm Thimblerig [Main Theatre]

5:30 Screening of Desert Punk by Funimation [Classroom]


6:30 Karma Lingo [Main Theatre]


7:30 Artist and Vendor's Room closes [Dance Studio]

8:30 The True History of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates! [Main Theatre]

10:30 Notchyomama's Modern Project

11:00 Costume Contest


12:00 After party and the James Joyce Pub!

Comprehensive Schedule for STEAM Fest SUNDAY June 20th

9:00am Building opens for vendors and staff.

10am Festival opens! Artist and Vendor's Room open [Dance Studio]

10:30 Screening of Airgear by Funimation [Classroom]

Industriously Yours [Main Theatre]

11am Wonders of the Mind [Main Theatre]

11:30 Games Afoot:The Phantom Chippendale [Main Theatre]

12pm Terminus Steam Meetup [Porch/Lobby]

Vauxhall Garden Variety Players [Porch/Lobby]


1pm Thimblerig [Main Theatre]


2pm The Extraordinary Contraptions [Main Theatre]

2:30 The Complete Cant Primer Workshop [Classroom]

3pm Nick of Time [Main Theatre]

High Tea Workshop [Porch/Lobby]

3:30 Thimblerig![Main Theatre]

4pm Karma Lingo [Main Theatre]

4:30 Screening of Last Exile [Classroom]

5pm Dinner break!


6pm The True History of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates [Main Theatre]

9:00 Notchyomama's Modern Project

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  1. You may want to add that the Artists & Vendor Room closes at 5pm. if you like. :) - H