Monday, May 10, 2010

Pre-Order Price Ends Soon!


Just wanted you to know that you only have two weeks left to order your tickets at the nifty pre-order price! After that they will go up to 20$ for a one day and 35$ for a two day pass!

Go to Brown Paper Tickets to get yours today!

Also sponsorship packages are available. If you have a business and you want some good advertising while supporting the arts please contact us at 404-474-8332

And lastly Wednesday May 19th we are having a big global thermonuclear meeting of doom (as my boss likes to call it!) about STEAM Fest. We will be meeting with Entertainers, Vendors, and anyone interested in volunteering. If you are one of those people please come--it will be from 6-9pm at The Academy Theatre. We will be talking about setup for the festival, shifts for volunteers and solidifying our performance schedule!

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